Infrared sauna with himalayan salt therapy

Infrared sauna with himalayan salt therapy

Infrared sauna with himalayan salt therapy
  • Infrared sauna with himalayan salt therapy

Infrared sauna with himalayan salt therapy

The Mystic II. himalayan salt sauna is perfectly suitable for two persons, made of canadian red cedar with glasses attractive to the eye. It is built  by first class, selected himalayan salt bricks. In addition, it has the modernest Philips Vitae infrared panel with the red cedar but we can build it from other types of sauna materials as well. If one has his/her own request we can produce it by individual request or size too.

The Infraworld Manufacture salt sauna, besides the healing effect of this kind of sauna, gives a unique experience with the infrared therapy. Moreover, with its 0,5 square meter himalayan salt wall, it provides a perfect relaxation for both the soul and body.
Drawing the lines of the 2 person Mystic II. sauna we emphasized the sauna design too; therefore, the semicircular glasses and the quality sauna material provide the elegant atmosphere of the cabin.

The very essence of the Infrared sauna treatment is the heating of tissues and the detoxification of the body. The deeper the infra red penetration in the skin is, the more powerful and efficient the effects are. This special technology is widely used in medicine science in the following areas: muscle tension, skin problems, aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism, cellulite, asthma, allergies, arthritis, sports injuries, high-low blood pressure, insomnia, blood circulation disorders.

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